Wedges (not)

27 May

… Ok  Scouse girls love wedges, when I mean …Love … I mean FUCKING love ’em. Now am a born and bred Scouser…. but they really make me do a mini sick .

Ask any lad, they hate them, their not feminine, and if you hit someone over the head  wlth one, you will defo knock them clean out, so suppose they can double up as a offence weapon?.

he’s just seen his mum put her wedges one, and shes FUMIN !

They throw your weight forward, and make you look like you have a club foot ..?…

Nah I just don’t get it?

Other things I “Don’t get”

  • Buying Plants???  just dig them up from somewhere and save yourself abaa 80 quid!
  • People who come out “for just one” WHY?
  • Girls who dont wear make up  .. why wouldn’t you want to look your best?
  • People who show you baby scans ?  … Oh well done, your having a black and white alien …
  • SPAM ?? i.e Vomit in a tin.
  • Little kids with mobile phones? who you going to call Ghost Busters !??




2 Responses to “Wedges (not)”

  1. Ste May 29, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    My bird wears them ….. and its like she has bricks trapped to her feet … yuk

  2. Michelle June 7, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    Kids with mobile phones do my head in! There is no need – you only have 2 friends and you see them every day at school!

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