People who look like Angry Birds!

28 May

Ok so this is my new past time .. ” Finding people who look like Angry Birds”. It all started on a boring Sleezy Jet flight to Egypt.

4 and a 1/2 hours of nothing to do apart from drink over priced “Sachets” of drink, WTF????

I mistaken one for a sachet of vingar once, and lashed a whole sachet of Gin over my chip … UMMMMMM GIN CHIPS. ..

Anyhows 3 hours in, pissed and bored I decided to read the free inflight magazine for the abaaaaaa the 5th time and come across this scary bitch …

Couldn’t resist taking a sneaky picture, this little beauty opened my eyes to all the other potential Angry bird people…..

This one is actually from the Chanel A/W2012 catwalk show ……. Bah! your tooo late Coco, Love these brows have been around  in Scouseland since Pete Price was a nipper! (i.e Longggg time ago)

Do you reckon she got it at Cricket?


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