Shaving cats when pissed

28 May

Ok, so my mates, erm … lets call them …. “Batherine” and “Braig” have just got a new cat. Its a lovely cat but very very hairy, its that hairy infact it has trouble breathing properly from the huge amount of hair round its face and nose,  One eveening after a few jolly sherries, “Braig” decided he would shave a little bit of hair around the cats face so it could breath properly, “Batherine” decided it would be a great idea to shave in some “Ugg” boots. (as the cat was called “Uggs”)…. few more sherries later, and the cat look like it had been attacked by someone with clippers and a serious case of the hicups!.

and WWWA- LA ….

Herbert couldn’t of done a better job himself !


P.s No cats or clippers where damaged in the making of this picture.




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