Families ….

29 May

Got a call from my Mum yesterday to say, that my dad went the gym at 5am.

(As usual!.. he is  totally hardcore like that!). He went on the runner, did a few reps on the weights machine, then went and had ago of the stomach cruncher.

He then got shook by his mate, to tell him that he had fallen asleep and was snoring very LOUDLY in the gym .

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! what a LEDGE

Families are Boss, no matter how much you love or hate yours …..Check out these pictures from ACTUAL family albums (not mine!)

Incest Demin game of Pile-e-on anyone?

Yeah .. I’d be screaming too!

Who’s idea was this ?

Every wondered what happened to the dude from Knightmare? … look like he got one of the contestants Preggers!

Ha! No comment!


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